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Angled Range
Body Wash Soap Dispensers
Bottle Holders 3

A soap dispenser holder is a device or accessory designed to hold and support a soap dispenser in a specific location or position. It is typically used in various settings such as bathrooms, kitchens, and public restrooms to keep the soap dispenser in a convenient and organized manner.

  • With minor adjustments to the functional design, our dispensers can be used for various sizes and number of bottles.
  • Supplied in 3 different colours for easier room matching – Black, Grey & White.
  • Available in 3 different sizes – holding 1, 2 or 3 bottles.
  • Impeccable and sophisticated design – a standout when it comes to body wash bottle type dispensers.
  • Is user friendly in that hygiene can be adjusted to suit the bottle.
  • Material – supplied in the environmentally friendly material – ALUMINIUM and a combination of acrylic – but can be made in stainless or steel combinations if your particular circumstances require it.
Weight 0,65 kg
Dimensions 17,0 × 8,5 × 14,9 cm

Black, Grey, White


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Body Wash Soap Dispensers
Bottle Holders 3”

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